Decentralized Exchange Locus DEX

“Existing ETH based DEX

The DEX market, which has achieved significant growth using ETH's Smart Contract,
has reached its limits in terms of growth due to high fees, slow speed, and price errors.

  • Expensive Ethereum Gas Fee and transaction fee
  • Slow Speed
  • Price Slippage

With the outstanding technology of Locus Chain, many of technological issues of DEX has been solved
Opening a path to a greater growth in the DEX Market.

Locus Chain operates at a ‘close to 0’ low transaction fees and high Transaction Processing Speed, which is incomparable to any other Blockchain Platform.
It continues to improve any cons of existing blockchain platforms to create popular transaction platform that anyone can participate in.

  • Lower Transaction Fee Instead of high-priced transactions due to expensive Ethereum transmission costs,
    Frequent small transactions are possible due to low fees.
  • Improved Price Slippage More frequent trades at a smaller scale
    lowers the impact of large price slippage due to large scale transactions.

Existing Ethereum-based DEX users can be involved in expanding
Locus DEX market with wrapped tokens.

Expansion of DEX ecosystem through Issurance of Wrapped Token

Wrapped Token : A wrapped token is an asset hosted on the Ethereum blockchain
with a price that is pegged to another underlying asset,
even if they operate on different blockchain platforms.

Wrapped token allows assets issued by one blockchain to reside in another blockchain,
increasing the liquidity and capital efficiency of the Delcentralized Exchange.

Locus Chain NFT

On the Locus Chain platform, the cost of creating and trading NFT is low,
allowing a wide variety of practical products to be created and traded by anyone.

Simple token (NFT) Management

Fast token (NFT) Issurance (within secs)

Support simple and easy wallet creation

Token management through GUI

Simple and easy development environment

Blockchain development through various APIs

Set up various environments through GUI

Support for PKMS key management

Various contract support related to Fees

NFT creation with minimum cost
No fee burden due to low transaction fee when creating NFT
Fast Transaction Speed
Fast transmission of NFT items
Split Issurance of NFT Possible
Shared ownership of digital/real assets
Split Royalty
Royalties can be designated and be distributed to multiple creators