The Locus Chain Foundation is closely collaborating with team members
who have broad experiences and skills, and partnering companies and advisors that are active in various fields.

  • CTO & Technical Director


    He always challenges himself to come up with new technology, and he is known for the exceptional quality of his work in various fields including game engine, networking, AI, optimization, and security. He agreed to leave the game industry temporarily and join Locus Chain as lead technical director to make the best possible technology one more time in this quickly advancing field.

  • Director


    He has been working as game programmer since 1987, participating in the development in earnest as development director of Phantagram in 1994. Since then, he has been working as managing director in projects such as Kingdom Under Fire, Shining Lore, and N3.

  • Director


    He has more than 30 years of experience in development and has served as CEO of Digi Tower Entertainment, CTO of YD Online and CEO of Ninebud Games. He has experience in developing and operating games, developing security systems, vision sensors, simulators, AI, and IOT, and is also an inventor of about 10 patents related to screen baseball.

  • Core Developer


    He has experienced live games for many games through business partners such as NEXON and NHN. Working as Technical Programmer at Blueside, he has implemented a large-scale network synchronization system wherein thousands of objects interact simultaneously. He also has experience developing electronic money and AI.

  • Core Developer & Architect


    He is an old-school, yet still-in-the-frontline software developer. He is participating in this project as a research adviser, with his own insights backed by experience in many projects with many teams from various countries for over 30 years.

  • Core Developer


    He has been a programmer in the IT industry for over 20 years and the executive director of development projects. Based on his experience working on large-scale projects and startups, he joined the Locus Chain project. He has extensive experience in GPGPU development and prototyping, having worked as lead programmer for major projects at Microsoft, Dena, and other leading global IT companies.

  • Core Developer


    He has been involved in game development for 16 years and has been a main programmer for numerous projects. His major work is “Devil Maker Tokyo”. He generally uses C/C++, C#, Node.JS, Go. He has experience of self-engine production with OpenGL and DirectX API, and of developing by using Ogre, Unity and Unreal engines.

  • Developer


    He has been working as a web programmer since 2000 and has developed large scale web services and various tools in IT & online game developers. He is managing the web part of the blockchain development for Locus Chain.

  • Core Developer


    He has worked for more than 16 years as a game developer for many big companies, including Nexon and Krafton, and has participated in development of PC online games (Maple Story) and a number of mobile game projects. He is proficient in both server and client development, and he has been in charge of development in several projects.

  • Developer


    He has worked as the main programmer for numerous projects for the period of more than nine years in the game industry and the sensory screen game industry. He was in charge of developing and optimizing online game content in Windows and mobile Android environments, and controlling various sensors and hardware necessary for sensory screen games.

  • Advisor

    Uri Stav

    Uri Stav is a technology, security and cryptography professional with over 25 years of experience, leading security and complex systems engineering teams, including work across a range of government organizations. He has been involved in digital asset and blockchain technology and cybersecurity since 2009, when Bitcoin has firstly appeared. Uri Stav has served for last 6 years as Chief Security & Development Officer of Genesis Global Trading, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG), the largest conglomerate in the -digital assets and blockchain space.

  • CEO & Founder


    Since 1987, he has worked as game programmer; as a game creator, he has released many hits such as Kingdom Under Fire and N3. He led the development of the Blue Side engine, which is regarded as the world"s best-performing game engine. He is also an entrepreneur who has served as a representative in the past, such as Phantagram and Bigpot Games.

  • Co-Founder & Business Head


    She worked for 8 years in Korea"s first-generation game developer Phantagram and served as vice president for overseas business. She was responsible for overseas branches and overseas business development, game licensing, and publishing. Also the founder of Blueside.

  • CMO


    Joining Phantagram in 1993, he is an all-around player who has been active in various fields such as game development, business, public relations, and business development. Since then, he has worked as development director at Lizard Interactive and Bigpot Games. He also served as CEO of Mani Games

  • Lead Project Manager


    He has been involved in manufacturing, distribution, and IT industry for 16 years. He has worked in technical sales, business management, and project management. He has working experience at WEBZEN, KTH, and SEGA.

  • Global Marketing


    Soonmi Lee has worked in the game industry for 17 years and has been responsible for overall business related to Japanese business including PR, marketing, contract management in Japanese market. She worked in Phantagram, Phantagram Interactive and Blue Side.

  • Advisor


    Franklin worked as a Business Development Manager for Swift Freight International, Dubai for four years, and Systems Analyst for Samsung Semi-Conductor in Austin, Texas, USA for three years. In the last 10 years He have helped realized series of projects in the African continent through the support of various finance partners like MDGF, FMO, IDB and technical partners

  • Advisor


    David Atkinson has a strong reputation as a veteran of the blockchain industry as an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, architect and economy designer. He is the co-founder of four highly regarded organizations contributing to advances in web3. His experience and influence in the blockchain industry are expected to play a major role in creating an ecosystem with various Layer2 projects and DApp developers.

  • Advisor


    In 1986, he founded Leadtek Research, Inc. in Taipei. He has been leading the market as CEO of a first-generation graphics card manufacturing company in the industry for 30 years, guided by the vision to pioneer new areas such as server and workstation systems without hard disks, including medical cloud services.

  • Advisor


    He started the computer sales business in 1990, then also started the internet shopping mall, Icoda, in 1999 and made it the best IT product shopping mall in Korea. After launching Caliburn, a PC business only for KF2 which is the signature game of Blueside in 2014, until now he has involved with Bloom Technology's Locus Chain business.

  • Advisor


    Director at DRI-WEFA / Vice President at Compass Lexecon / Director at Hana Research Institute Head at Nice Credit information service – an authoritative agency in South Korea At present, he is working as Adjunct professor at Korea University, CEO of Digital Finance Research Institute, and Adviser of Locus Chain Foundation PTE Ltd.

  • Advisor


    He has been actively pursuing a career in the telecom business, working as project director of Taiwan Mobile Company and as Senior Business Director of Taiwan Fixed Network. He currently serves as CEO of Leadhope International, Inc. and works as Special Assistant to the Chairman of Leadtek Research, Inc.

  • Advisor


    A future strategist and expert on intersections of technology and society. Director at Institute for IT Convergence of Myongji-Hospital / Adjunct Professor at Kyung Hee Cyber University / Columnist of Coindesk Korea. He is currently General Partner of K2G Tech Fund, Chief Vision Officer of ModuLabs, Affiliate Professor of DGIST, and Advisor of Kakao Entertainment, LG Electronics, SK Group etc.