Coin Economy

  • SWAP

    When Locus Chain mainnet is officially ready for launch, the existing locus token (ERC20) will be swapped with the locus coin that operates on the Locus Chain mainnet.


    All users can use the platform for free on the mainnet with a certain amount of gas coins they receive every day. If there is a shortage of gas coins due to a large number of daily transactions, Locus coin will be required as a fee.


    By adopting the PoS method, anyone with more than a certain number of coins can receive coin rewards by operating or delegate the nodes. If you operate a node with someone else's delegated coin, you can receive a certain portion of the compensation that the delegate will receive as a fee.


    Locus Chain has no issue with being put to actual use and is applicable to almost all fields. The value of Locus coin fees will increase according to the increase in number of use cases. The more Locus coin you hold, the greater the benefit.